Differences Between Christians and Messianic Disciples

Messianic disciples can recognize those who live evil lifestyles, just like anyone else can, but there are major differences between the Elect of YHVH purposed as the future resurrected Saints of Adonai our Elohim, versus the hypocrites of organized religion, and especially here in the Eschaton, which are the christianized; Christendom; the many anti-Messiahs.

Christians are individuals or groups of people, who adopt one of the many cultural productions of Christendom, as it is told and sold to them, by those of that particular brand name entity, from the generations who came before them. They are merely the byproducts of their Enculturation. They remain locked in demonic pride, and then process their religion through that filter. Hence, it is always a battle for dominance in the religion brand arena.

Christians are not radically and eternally transformed by Ruach HaKodesh, which comes unto (and into) us, only through an unconditional surrender unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, and a subsequent death to this life. That death is primarily witnessed in a death to self; a death to pride-ego-emotion; a death to any/all earthly desires such as wealth or consumerism or power or social standing. The ego all but dies! Compassion reigns!

Such surrender is witnessed in true Love; in true humility; in true unity with all humanity, for whom our Master and Mate, died for. We Messianic disciples are Cross bearers; we mimic our Master, as well as, and as much as, we are empowered to do so. We too, have been crucified with/in Messiah Yeshua! We pick up that Cross daily, and follow in His ways and doctrines.

Christians just go to church, dominated daily with pride-ego-emotion. That pride and ego demands that whatever they are told and sold by those who came before them and stand on the stages in front of them, are right and righteous in all perspectives. The doctrine guns are fired often by them, as the demons within them battle to move people away from the Messianic Cross, and ever-deeper inside of the sin of religion.

Anyone can witness this subtle battle for supremacy, especially in things that matter most: Name above all Names is YHVH: His earthy human-form name was/is Yeshua! “God” is Satan the god of this world, this timeline and this (human) species. When Satans religionists translated words, they made these subtle changes, and since the path is wide that leads to destruction, the bulk of humanity bought into it: Hence, Christendom!

However, once an individual has died to this life, and is focused only upon pleasing their/our Master, Messiah Yeshua; what other mere mortals think of us, fades into oblivion. We get a kind of tunnel vision wherein we only care what YHVH thinks of us, every moment of everyday, because we truly believe that Adonai our Elohim is watching us always; that our life is (metaphorically) being recorded always: We thus live this life for YHVH only.

Consequently, our lifestyle is our daily Messianic Cross-bearing demonstration, unto our Elohim, and that lifestyle is free of any of the trappings of Satan, the god of this world and the god of the bulk of this species. We are no longer slaves of our enculturation; we not only care nothing about copying our culture, we may even oppose it, especially here in the Eschaton. These end-times are clearly marked unto all with Spiritual sight.

For one obvious example (among many), the Car Cult is a massive affront unto our Lord & King, and so we avoid it, oppose it and expose it. But cultural drones cannot see any of this; they are Spiritually blind, and as such they can only monkey-see-monkey-do–copy-mimic-parrot others around them. They stumble in Spiritual darkness, and as such, they can only follow those in front of them; hence the lifestyle mimesis, no matter how obviously destructive it is, to this planet, owned exclusively by its Creator, YHVH!

Conversely, we Messianic disciples are the light of/in the world. Our primary goal is to enlighten any and all who are destined unto the Messianic light, by YHVH (Matt 5): called to be so, even before Earth was! Our light is stewardship, for in order to be given powers and responsibilities that are global, universal, and even cosmic in scale, we must first prove to be good and wise stewards over the smaller things we are now granted power over; Earth and all life upon it (Luke 19; Matt 25). Lifestyle choices say it all!

The greatest sin-evil possible on this planet is to present ones self as an ambassador, or a representative, or as otherwise connected with The Creator of all, YHVH, and then, live as a self-righteous Pharisee (James). During the Eschaton, as Satan is nearing judgment, it is expected that false Messianism will increase. We disciples see this with Christendom (itself) as the One World Religion.

Here in the Eschaton, there will be an ever greater effort to try to marry Christianity with Messianic discipleship; many will claim they are one in the same thing, but then imply some differences as a way to distract from the much larger issue: That Christianity, as with all religion, are of Satan, and so it is Satan (god) that is doing this leavening; this attenuation. All of Christendom is anti-Messianic, and those adhered to them are not the future resurrected Saints of Adonai, El of all creation. They mimic Satan, who was/is power drunk, violent, fear-driven, anger-conquered, obstinate, and narcissistic.

Messianic disciples are not in the business of imposing our religion themes, scriptural or not, upon volitional human beings, who can, if called, read scripture also, and be guided by Ruach HaKodesh, just like we are. YHVH came in Human form; Messiah Yeshua, who died on the Cross for everyone. Thus, all disciples simply Love everyone exactly the same, and let our Eternal King, sort it all out on their Day of Judgment. We are virtually unqualified for such Judging, and we know it.

To be among those honored in the Kingdom of Heaven, as humbled participants in the process, is our only desire. In the meantime, we Philippians it! The only Name worthy of mention is Adonai our Elohim, YHVH, or His (human-form) purpose / title / name: Emmanuel Messiah Yeshua! ~ Source: https://AdonaiElohim.org

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Author: Monk of YHVH

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